Name: Maryann Lattanzio
Email: comet1118@msn.com
Official Name: Legacy's Diesel
Official Name: Legacy's Kayla
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Sunday, October 13, 2013

Words cannot express how highly I recommend Pete and Leticia from Legacy Cane Corso. My first Cane Corso I bought from a backyard breeder he was cheap and I paid the price for it. I was uneducated and didn't know about the Cane Corso. My first clue was I was afraid to go near the pups mother and father. I loved the puppy but he had hip dysplasia, two torn ACL'S , and he was very aggressive. I had to put him down at four. I now wanted a great Cane Corso and needed to do my homework and research. I now know about the breed and will not go through that again. I did a lot of research and spoke with different breeders and decided Pete was the guy for me. I went to Pete and Leticia's house to see the puppies. Before I met any puppies I was introduced to the puppy's mom Mina, grandmother and I met Ares who is stunning. I also met Spartan who amazed me and I petted everyone of Pete's dog who all were friendly and social. All of their dogs were stunning, well bred and social. I knew I was in the right place. When my puppy Diesel came out he was friendly and well built and well socialized. I am so happy with the temperament of Diesel and that he has no health issues. I never thought I would get two Cane Corsos but Diesel was such a great dog I went back to Pete and got my little girl Kayla. Kayla is the daughter of Legacy's Ares and I couldn't be prouder. For me to go back to Pete for a second puppy you know you have a great breeder. I made friends with other Legacy Cane Corso owners and ALL are very happy with their dogs. After I got my second one Diesel's sisters owners went back for a second one too. Legacy Cane Corso is not just my breeder it is my new family. I am so happy that I always get to see both my puppies siblings grow too. I still talk to Pete and get advice on my dogs, he is the real deal.

Maryann Lattanzio


Name: Mark and Michele Campisano
Email: mjcampisano@gmail.com
Official Name: Legacy's Lucius
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Sunday, October 13, 2013

We wanted to drop a quick note about Legacy Cane Corso. First and foremost, our dog Lucius is not only beautiful and healthy, but his temperament is amazing. I couldn't ask for anything more. Pete and Leticia Anastasatos really exceeded all our expectations. They are knowledgeable, personable, and really strive to produce excellent dogs. They've also stood by us every step of the way. Multiple visits to their home when our dog was still a pup, and beyond. Food and supplement recommendations. Trainer recommendation. Vet recommendation. Breed education for us. You name it, Pete and Letti had the resources and expertise to guide us and help stack the chips in our favor when it came to our dogs well being. It's been over a year, and Pete still calls us regularly to make sure all is well. It's a great feeling to know they are there for us. I'd highly recommend Legacy to any one who asks.

Mark and Michele Campisano
Hillsborough, NJ


Name: Salvatore Tsegai
Email: Stsegai@me.com
Official Name: Legacy's Onyx
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hi Pete, 

I know there has been a lapse in time since we have last spoke. I wanted to give you an update on Legacy's Onyx. He has been nothing short of amazing, making friends everywhere and loving everyone equally. I can't thank you enough in breeding such a wonderful, smart, athletic dog. Onyx has shown me why dogs are considered a mans best friend and a very loyal partner. Thank you again for all your help and providing me with my best friend over the last few years. 

Salvatore Tsegai 
Wharton N.J 07885 


Name: Trish Fielder
Email: trish.fielder@yahoo.com
Official Name: Legacy's Ziva is a Diva
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I had researched the breed for 2 years, trying to become knowledgeable enough to be entrusted with the care of a Cane Corso. When I finally started looking for a breeder, I viewed MANY websites. The variance of type of Corso I was seeing was great. I preferred the Italian look, bigger head, bigger bone and astoundingly elegant. When I visited the Legacy Cane Corso website I was completely taken aback by the beauty, size, structure and soundness of Pete's Corso. They were exactly what I was looking for. I called him, our friendship began immediately! Pete spent countless hours on the phone with me explaining things that I had not even run across in my 2 years of research. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the breed and breeding only to the best of the standard. He is a no nonsense man and tells it like it is, I truly appreciated that. He is not a salesman and is very particular about where his dogs go.

My husband and I drove out to his home and even though we had seen pictures on his website, the Corso were even more spectacular in person. I knew I had made the right choice when we pulled up and were greeted with hugs! He and his wife were very welcoming and invited us in to see all the dogs. I was taken immediately! As we waited for the breeding to occur, Pete called and kept me informed at least weekly on the progression of the breeding and subsequent pregnancy. After the litter was born I got pictures of the female I had been wanting for so long and she captured my heart. Pete continues to be a great mentor and he and Leticia are counted among my best of friends. We talk weekly. I am so humbled to have been chosen to become part of the Legacy family. Our girl Ziva is beyond amazing and is almost ready to begin her show career. Pete has guided me every step of the way. Not only did I get the perfect puppy, I have gained true friends for the rest of my life. I cannot thank Pete and Leticia enough for their hospitality, honesty and friendship. I would whole heartedly suggest to anyone that is looking for the Italian / AKC Standard Cane Corso to contact Pete. I will never go anywhere else. There will be more Corso in my future and they will all be Legacy dogs. To me, they are unmatched! Again, thank you Pete and Leticia for allowing us to purchase our Ziva, she has enriched our lives, just as your friendship has. 
We couldn't have asked for more. We love you! Sending you big, wet Corso kisses!!

Trish Fielder 
Jonesboro, IL 
Mom to Legacy's Ziva is a Diva

Name: Christian and Jenny Lohr
Email: christian.lohr@gmail.com
Official Name: Legacy's Luna
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Saturday, December 11, 2010

I just wanted to drop you a quick letter and give you an update on Luna. My wife and I really appreciated the time you took to invite us up to your house and show us Luna, her sire Ares, and the wealth of information you bestowed upon us regarding the Cane Corso breed. We could tell how much you and your wife cared for the dogs and how much time you put into breeding a best of breed dog.

As for Luna, she is absolutely amazing. She was house trained within the first week, she already knows basic commands, walks well on a leash, and gets along extremely well with our 2yr. old Pit Mix, Riggs. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. We get compliments from everyone who meets her regarding both her looks and her manners. It was very important to us to find a dog that not only gets along with our current dog, but also a dog that had a stable, calm temperament who would be good with kids. We have several small nieces and she gets along with all of them exceptionally well. This is our first Cane Corso and if we ever decide to get another, you would be the only breeder we would consider. Thanks again.

Christian and Jenny

Name: Phil
Email: pane@comcast.net
Official Name: Legacy Bellacosa
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Saturday, July 5, 2009

Hi Peter.

Just a short note to say thank you for your kind hospitality and send you some pics of our little girl. She is incredible. She is bright and beautiful. She is settling in nicely with the rest of the family pets. I will keep you updated and please use me as testimonial to your great Cane Corso breeding program. You and your dogs are a class act. We appreciate your king patience as we tried to decide on which puppy to choose which is a statement to how beautiful they all were. We could of chose any of them and been extremely pleased.Please feel free to use my telephone number and name for anyone looking for some first hand experience from someone who spent a lot of time researching for the best breeder available and settle on Legacy, but in particular Peter!

Take care

Name: Bernadette Bucchere
Email: bbhere915@yahoo.com
Official Name: Legacy's Kuma
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Saturday, June 20, 2009

After the loss of our beloved yellow lab, my family and I searched extensively for a new dog. We became overwhelmed with all the different types of dog breeds and temperaments. After a few months, we realized that we wanted or rather needed was a dog with an amazing temperament, good with children, adults, other animals, and had a wonderful loving personality. Most of all we wanted a new family member. We first saw the Cane Corso after visiting a number of shelters. We immediately fell in love with the breed. We contacted our vet to get more information and he thankfully gave us your number. After talking with you, you absolutely reassured us that Cane Corso was the breed for me and my family. You gave me an abundance of information about the breed, which included: temperament, personality, bone structure, and even concerns about what my family and I should look out for if we did purchase one of your gorgeous dogs. A couple of days after you welcomed us into your home; you literally gave us the puppy of our dreams. You placed her on my daughters lap and we fell in love with her. She was very timid at first but she soon opened up to us as she realized that she found a lifelong home. After the purchase of our new family member, Kuma, you continued to call us to make sure everything was going well with her and with my family. Even months later when Kuma nearly had a ruptured ACL, and I called you, you were right there for us offering your advice and even contacting the vet to see if there was anything you could do to speed up our appointment. Gratefully she was fine but you were right there for us the whole time offering us support, advice, and comfort. Thank you so much for not only providing us with a new, gorgeous, loving dog, but for providing us with a lifelong family member!

The Bucchere Family


Name: Edward Vinnett
Email: edwardvinnett@gmail.com
Official Name: Legacy's Queen Teila
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2009

Legacy Cane Corso Is In a League Of Their Own.

I was sceptical, (to say the least) about buying my first Cane Corso Online from a breeder that was almost 2000 miles away that I had never met before. Even though I had done extensive research, talked to a few other kennels and read different feedback from people who had purchased dogs from Legacy B4, I was still uncertain. I called Pete on a few occasions B4 the final purchase was made, and each time he showed his genuine concern for the animal and for myself and my family. Instead of trying to actually SELL me a dog he taught me more about the breed, informed me of different things to look out for and reassured me that he was honest and compassionate about his animals and their new homes. I would just like to say THANKS A MILLION TO Pete for everything, my female corso "Queen Teila" is a beautiful well structured, big boned baby that I couldn't be more proud of. If you are looking for a quality pet or an A Class Show Dog Legacy Cane Corso is your kennel. If you are still unsure after reading this or just nervous or whatever, it's understandable, feel free to give me a call at (504) 292-9342 [Edward]. Thanks again to Mr. and Mrs. Pete Anastasatos and the Legacy Family!!

GOD Bless You All!
Edward (Bo) Vinnett


Name: Joseph Francis and family
City, State: New Jersey
Email: josephfrancisjr@comcast.net
Phone: 609-752-2782
Official Name: Legacy's Jaz
Date of birth: 9/12/08
Sire, Dam: Ares Dell Appio / Marpersefone
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just wanted to thank you for our new puppy. I did alot of research on dog breeds and selected the Cane Corso. I then researched a lot of breeders and felt comfortable after speaking with you. When we visited your kennel we immediately noticed how nicely tempermented the dogs were. My wife fell in love with Jaz instantly. I want to tThank you for your professionalism, flexibility, and assistance in making our experience positive. We recently started training sessions with Jaz and she is learning quickly. The trainer said that Jaz is the best tempermented Corso she has ever seen. Jaz is great with our children and has been a joy.
The Francis Family


Name: Amitava Ghosh
City, State: Somerset, NJ
Email: aghosh@writeme.com
Phone: 732-310-1750
Official Name: Legacy's Ginger
Date of birth: Oct-07
Sire, Dam: Geo/Marpersephone
Registration: ICCF
Breeder_Rating: Excellent
Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If you are looking for a quality Cane Corso, I urge everybody to talk to Pete. There are numerous breeder having fancy website to sell their pups. Please do not get carried away by the sofistication of the the marketing gimics. If you get a dog from Pete, it will be absolutely finest grade. His knowledge, friendliness, honesty and professionalism is rare among the breeders. So, if you need a corso, which is second to none in quality and temperament, visit Pete's kennel. 

Amitava Ghosh


Name: Valerie Keen
City, State: Irvine, CA
Email: valerie.keen@lafairchild.com
Phone: 9493940160
Official Name: Legacy's Onyx Jett
Date of birth: 9-27-07
Sire Dam: Marpersefone
Registration: ICCF
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Thursday, May 29, 2008

My dog is AMAZING (and Pete's pretty amazing too). I live in California and found Legacy Cane Corso online. I was very apprehensive about selecting a dog on the other side of the country without meeting the dog or the breeder. Pete must have spent hours with me on the phone! This was my first Corso so I had a lot of questions, I didn't know much about the breed (I couldn't even pronounce it right) and he gave me the good, the bad, and the ugly! He wasn't trying to sell me a dog, he wanted to make sure she went to a good home and that I was ready for this responsibility. He gave me tips on socializing and training this hard-headed, giant lap dog and even offered support if I decided to breed or show her. When I picked her up from the airport my expectations were greatly exceeded. Pete definitely underpromised and overdelivered. Jett turned 8 months old yesterday and is just over 80 lbs. She lives with my 25 lb Boston Terrier and is very gentle and affectionate. She is great with kids and other animals. She can be stubborn and lazy at times, she snores and sometimes her paws smell like fritos - other than that, she's perfect! I can't walk 10 feet without getting a complement about how beautiful my dog is. She's pretty smokin' hot. 


Name: Rich Watkins
City, State: Hamilton/NJ
Email: rwatkins003@verizon.net
Phone: 609-888-1955
Official Name: Cheyanne
Date of birth: 8-24-07
Sire, Dam: Giasone & Chyrstal
Registration: ICCF
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Saturday, November 17, 2007

I must say that the breeder Pete Anastasatos of Legacy Cane Corso is an absolute BLESSING!!! To begin, I became interested in the Cane Corso Breed about two years ago!!! At that time I searched deligently for a reputable breeder because, I wanted nothing but the best cane corso that God could offer!!! I came into contact with many breeders, some seemed sincere and other not so sincere when it came to there overall knowledge about breeding!!! I was very leary about just buying a dog from any breeder!! When I came into contact with Pete via telephone, I had a very, very strong positive feeling about him. Pete seemed very passionate and genuine about his breeding work. He appeared more excited about the cane corso breed more than myself(impossible). Pete was extremely knowledgeable about the breed that he was teaching me new things about the breed that I did not learn during my extensive research of the dog. Pete has a very freindly yet, professional disposition. Pete's best quality(my opinion) is his HONESTY!!!! Pete gives a new and improved meaning to the phrase, "KEEPING IT REAL!" Pete told me the pros and cons of his work in breeding. I was so impressed with Pete that I made an appointment with him to go to his home and meet some of his cane corso dogs. From the time I arrived, Pete was absolutely awesome. He is very corteous and polite. Pete is a down-to-earth type of guy!! The ice was broken from the time he said welcome to me. Then Pete showed me his masterpeice Cane COrso dogs. I was absolutely amazed at the beauty of the dogs. They all were of good size and built like tanks but, elegant and sleek looking!!! They all were freindly to me and happy to meet me. Pete's house was especially clean to have such massive dogs residing in his house. I was SOLD!!! I brought my fiancee(now wife) to look at these beautiful dogs weeks later. She also, was amazed at Petes dogs. I decided to do business with Pete since, his dogs were the best Cane Corsos that I have laid eyes on. From the time I put my deposit on a fawn female pup, until the time I got her Pete kept in contact with me and kept me informed on the progress of his breeding and where I fit in on his long waiting list!!! It only took 11 months for Pete to call me with the good news that my pup was born. From the time I laid eyes on Cheyanne, I knew she was a gift from GOD!!! I got married and went on my honeymoon and Pete took care of my pup for an additional three weeks while I entered and adjusted to the institution of Marriage. Most breeders would have charged me weekly for the three weeks he kept her. Pete did not even charge me any extra expenses for taking care of the pup. I am so grateful for that. I got my pup home and took her to the Veternarian the following morning. She was absolutely healthy. I am absolutely blessed to have met Pete and to have such a marvelous Cane Corso. The pup is very smart and advanced for her age. She sits and waits for me to tell her to eat her meals at just 12 weeks old. She plays out side and is house broken already(5 days to house break)!! She is so peaceful and serene inside of the house as if she knows what peice of furniture is valuable. I am amazed with her!!! She even sits down and watches television with me!! SHe is a heck of a companion!!! Yet, she is show quality!!! I have my cake and can eat it too!!! 


Name: Georgetta Davino
City, State: Jackson, New Jersey 
Email: KayleJane1@aol.com
Phone: 732-987-6626
Official_Name: Legacy Saint
Date of birth: 6/22/05
Sire, Dam: Ossiro/Nicola
Registration: ICCF
Number: 0501198
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Monday, February 05, 2007

There are no words to explain Legacy Cane Corso and Pete Anastasatos. You will not find a more honest,professional Breeder to get your Corso from. Pete is extremely knowledgeable about the breed. And will answer any of your questions with great patience. When I got my dog I knew I was going to get the best. His temperament is unbeliveable. He has won many ribbons including winners dog his first time out at ten months. Corso's will be in my life forever now and for me and my family there is only one place to go LEGACY CANE CORSO. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Name: Marc Anthony Ribaudo
City, State: Oakhurst/NJ
Email: rockribaudo@yahoo.com
Phone: 732-245-4384
Official Name: Legacy's Mortanis
Date of birth: 10/25/04
Sire, Dam: Hammer/ Iolanda
Registration: ICCF
Breeder Rating: Excellent
Date: Monday, February 05, 2007

Peter Anastasatos gave my wife and I the highest QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM when we got our cane corso. Our dog Legacy's Mortanis is a healthy 125lb corso who loves our cat Emma, and all of our neighbors and their kids. Peter prides himself with INTEGRITY and HONESTY, and as far as I'm concerned, he's the only breeder I will ever deal with. His dogs and accolades speak for themselves.


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